Getting More From a Commercial Water Heater

Spending thousands of dollars – and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars – for a commercial water heater system isn’t simply a purchase. It’s an investment. Such systems demand upfront planning and attention along the way. Here are four things building owners and operators can do to help extend the life of their water heater or boiler.

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3 Benefits of Working with a Professional to Specify Commercial Water Heater Systems

Choosing the right type of water heating system includes identifying which type of energy-efficient water heater is most suitable for the application. A plumbing professional can help ensure performance that meets business requirements and also meets energy efficiency standards as well.

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Importance of Water Heater Redundancy for Commercial Uses

If the occupants and managers of a restaurant or office building or healthcare facility find themselves without hot water, it often means closure or at least severely curtailed operations until the situation is rectified. There's one tactic that makes sense for any commercial facility hot water design: redundancy.

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New Variable Speed Geothermal Heat Pump Can Do It All

Similar to cruise control in a car, the variable-speed water-to-water accelerates and decelerates continuously.

Regulations, consumer demand drive efficient water heaters

Bradford White continues to broaden its product line in 2017

New combination boiler satisfies multiple hot-water needs

Noritz solution brings more resourcefulness, efficiency

Landlords Benefit from Tankless Water Heaters

One money-saving consideration providing long term savings and benefits is installing tankless water heaters in each rental unit.

Should Your Business Add a Solar Water Heater?

While energy prices have leveled off recently, there's no guarantee they will stay low in the future. But there's one energy source that will always be free: the sun. A solar thermal water heater uses energy from the sun to...

Tank or tankless? That is the question

Video helps illustrate the way in which tankless water heaters can bring about efficiencies of users

Get It Right with the Commercial Water Heater Sizing Tool

There are many factors that go into selecting the right water heating system for a commercial application.

Look for Water Heaters with the GRA Endorsement

Since 1990, the GRA has helped restaurants cut energy, water and waste costs. The GRA has been instrumental in helping restaurants realize that environmental responsibility can equal fiscal gain.

Smart controls manage hot water energy use for multifamily units

Regardless of whether a building has a tank or tankless water heater, the water in the lines between the water heater and the fixture loses heat

Ensure hot water performance in a small footprint

In commercial buildings, space equals money. Mechanical and utility rooms have to be efficiently designed and sized to ensure as much square footage as possible is available for revenue-generating activities.

Considerations for water heaters in hospitality

In the hospitality industry water heating is the single largest use of energy, about third of total energy use, according to the California Center for Sustainable Energy. Every bath, shower, kitchen and laundry counts toward the property's utility bill.

Considerations for water heaters in restaurants

Sure, it seems like restaurants need great food, good service and a friendly atmosphere to be successful. But really, restaurants run on hot water.

Importance of proper sizing for commercial water heating

Selecting the proper water heater size and configuration for a commercial application requires understanding many factors.

A water heater can help earn Green Restaurant Association certification

Americans spend about half their food budget on food consumed away from home at more than 1 million restaurants, according to the Green Restaurant Association. More and more consumers are choosing to spend their dining dollars at establishments that are certified by the GRA.

Should you replace your commercial boiler?

5 warning signs to look for that indicate it's time for a change.

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