Ensure Water Quality for Commercial Projects with a Customized Design

When water quality for commercial projects is sub-par, equipment suffers damage and inefficiency and there may be the risk of implications for public health. It's important to look at the chemistry in terms of pollutants that could adversely affect equipment or a process.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Environmental Water Systems

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Regulations, consumer demand drive efficient water heaters

Bradford White continues to broaden its product line in 2017

Hydrant helps reduce water footprint

Aquor solution combines stainless steel design with twist-lock connection to prevent costly waste

Look for Water Heaters with the GRA Endorsement

Since 1990, the GRA has helped restaurants cut energy, water and waste costs. The GRA has been instrumental in helping restaurants realize that environmental responsibility can equal fiscal gain.

Considerations for water heaters in restaurants

Sure, it seems like restaurants need great food, good service and a friendly atmosphere to be successful. But really, restaurants run on hot water.

Odds in Vegas brewery's favor with higher-quality water

Chicago Brewing Co. strikes gold with improvements stemming from filtration package implemented by Environmental Water Systems.

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