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Photocopies of home owner utility bills may not be a common marketing handout, but Dave Phillips, president of Philgreen Construction, considers them to be one of the company’s best sales tools. “We keep copies of utility bills from home owners in the sales office to show prospective buyers. People will take copies of the energy bills with them because they are so unbelievable.” As an example, Phillips points to a recent monthly bill; “the home earned $91.55 and carried a $322.58 credit.”

The home is one of 55 townhomes and single-family homes that Philgreen is building to the high energy-efficiency criteria of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. The townhomes at the REVIVE community in Fort Collins, Colorado, received a 2016 DOE Housing Innovation Award.

The modern, three-story highly insulated townhomes, have geothermal heating and cooling and a shed roof pitched at just the right angle to maximize solar electric production from the roof-mounted photovoltaic panels. They should perform as true zero energy homes providing home owners with average power bills of less than $15 each month. Read more about these high-performance townhomes by clicking on the images below.

Project Data:

  • Name: REVIVE Sustainable Multifamily Living
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO
  • Layout: 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 3 fl, 1,160 ft2
  • Climate Zone: IECC 5B, cold
  • Completion: March 2016
  • Category: Multifamily

Modeled Performance Data:

  •  HERS Index: without PV 42, with PV 5
  • Projected Annual Energy Costs: without PV $824, with PV $155
  • Projected Annual Energy Cost Savings (vs home built to 2012 IECC) without PV $952, with PV $1,586
  • Projected Annual Energy Savings: with PV 15,928 kWh
  • Added Construction Cost: without PV $0, with PV $8,000

The images and information in this gallery were provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. See more great green homes like this one at the DOE Tour of Zero.

Topics: Multifamily / Multiunit Residential

Companies: U.S. Department of Energy

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