Webinars focus on improving sustainable building design

Webinars focus on improving sustainable building design

USGBC offers a resource for LEED project teams on prevention through design via a set of two webinars available on Education @USGBC.

The concept of "prevention through design" asks LEED project teams to consider and incorporate measures that prevent occupational injuries, illnesses and deaths during the design (or redesign) process, according to the organization.

In 2015, USGBC released a LEED pilot credit aimed at encouraging prevention through design practices. The pilot credit was developed in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the U.S. federal agency that conducts research and makes recommendations to prevent worker injury and illness, as part of an effort to explore the nexus between occupational safety and health and sustainable building practices.   

Shortly after the pilot credit was released, USGBC also launched a webinar that provided an overview of prevention through design as a concept and helped project teams understand the links between occupational safety and health, social equity, and sustainable development.

Click here to view the first webinar.

In the newly available second webinar, the focus shifts from the concept to specifically address the Prevention Through Design pilot credit in LEED, providing information on the intent and requirements, as well as strategies for achieving the credit.

Click here to view the second webinar.


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