Village-inspired office in Jakarta topped with trees, green roof

Village-inspired office in Jakarta topped with trees, green roof

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

The new Aedas-designed Unilever headquarters in Jakarta references Indonesia‘s villages to create a welcoming environment filled with natural sunlight and plenty of green space. 

The building features green roofing, a main square and winding streets to mimic the organization of a traditional village, along with floor-to-ceiling louvered windows that fill the interior with light, reports Inhabitat.

The new building sits in the BSD Green Office Park, Indonesia’s first green office campus masterplanned by Aedas. It houses the company’s four separate offices in Jakarta under one roof and combines its modern vision with the country’s historic architectural influences.

The complex incorporates three main elements – community, diversity and nature – into the design and focused on facilitating collaboration while maintaining privacy. Group and individual workspaces are organized into zones to encourage collaboration. 

The ground floor houses public and common areas organized around a central atrium. A variety of elements –  Indonesian batik fabrics, recycled teak timber, and furniture – reference the traditional Indonesian culture.

Gray aluminum blade louvers cover the curtain wall system and provides shade while reducing heat gain. Natural light reaches all interior spaces thanks to the absence of enclosures.

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