Tallest wooden condo reaches new milestone

The tallest wood-constructed condominium in North America has achieved a new milestone Monday -- a monumental capping ceremony, according to a press release.

Origine, Quebec City's Pointe-aux-Lièvres eco-district, includes a 12-story wood structure on top of a one-story concrete podium and stores 2,065 tons of carbon in its wood. The 41-meter tall condominium uses cross-laminated timber as its primary building material, a technology that greatly increases the technical limits for tall wood construction.

Through Natural Resources Canada's Tall Wood Building Demonstration Initiative, more than $1.2 million in funding was provided to the project, undertaken by the project developers, the NEB Consortium. The initiative is part of the government of Canada's strategy to help expand the North American market for Canadian wood products by encouraging the use of wood in construction in mid- and high-rise buildings, helping Canada's forest industry to sustain hundreds of thousands of good, middle-class jobs in communities across our country.

In this year's budget, an additional $40 million was dedicated to increasing wood use in Canada, the release said. The funds will lead to further tall wood demonstration projects, advanced training and education for practitioners designing wood buildings and continued support for code changes to ensure a level playing field for wood in high-rise construction. This will help to maintain Canada's global leadership in the development of innovative wood buildings and other infrastructure.

Natural Resources Canada developed the Tall Wood Buildings Demonstration Initiative in collaboration with the Canadian Wood Council to test and demonstrate the use of wood in larger and taller wood buildings. 




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