Taiwan tower to create garden in sky

Taiwan tower to create garden in sky

The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan project in Taiwan’s capital Taipei by Parisian architect Vincent Callebaut. Photo courtesy of Vincent Callebaut

In the world of sustainable construction, architects are increasingly turning to high-tech solutions to limit the ecological impact.

But not Vincent Callebaut. The Parisian architect has looked to nature itself to cure the ills of modern construction methods.

His Tao Zhu Yin Yuan project in Taiwan’s capital Taipei will feature 23,000 trees and shrubs so it can absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide each year, reports the website Domain. Referred to by local media as the “city in the air garden,” the 20-story building truly lives up to the notion of green building.

The ambitious design is focused on the welfare of not only its residents, but the massive amount of plants on board. To protect them from high winds and expose them to enough sunlight, the complex twists 90 degrees. The end result is a spiral laden with suspended gardens.

Pollution is a major issue for the Taiwanese and has been the subject of recent public protests led by the country’s first Nobel laureate Yuan-Tseh Lee.

Lee, a chemist, called on Taiwan’s government to update pollution controls to improve air quality.

Callebaut’s twisting tower will be Taiwan’s greenest yet. It includes a variety of other eco-responsible measures such as solar and wind power facilities, glass insulation and rainwater storage.

The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan aims to consume the equivalent amount of pollution made by 27 cars each year.

The tower will house 42 luxury apartments including two penthouses. Residents will have access to a garage, indoor pool and fitness centre. Balconies won’t be the only home for plants, with hallway walls that continue the greenery theme.

Construction is expected to be complete by September.

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