Sunvapor Solar Steam on Demand receives funding for desalination

The DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) selected Livermore, California-based Sun Vapor Inc. to receive $1.5 million in funding for Solar Steam on Demand.

Sunvapor is one of 14 solar-thermal desalination projects chosen for reducing the cost of the technology and helping it reach new markets, including off-grid areas, according to Energy Manager Today.

Sunvapor describes their solution as using a solar steam architecture that delivers saturated steam pressure as well as thermal energy storage, allowing the distillation equipment to run on solar at night.

“These steam conditions precisely match those needed for most industrial applications,” according to Sunvapor’s press release. A prototype solar steam plant will first be deployed for a food processing application, where the tech company sees a need for significant greenhouse gas reductions.

Topics: Solar Energy & Solar Power, Water Quality / Water Filtration, Water Saving Strategies and Devices

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