Study: Many Americans use more water than they realize

Study: Many Americans use more water than they realize

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While most Americans desire to contribute to conservation efforts, they often use more water than they realize, according to a new study about attitudes toward water consumption in the United States.

Key findings of the survey by Orbit Irrigation Products include:

Water Conservation and Consumption
The data shows that a majority of Americans (56 percent) said they are more water conscious because of the national drought. Those in California who were affected by the drought in 2015 became hyperconscious of water use, with 81 percent of Californians claiming the drought changed their behavior toward water conservation. 

Even with three-quarters of Americans considering themselves to be thoughtful about water consumption, 42 percent don't understand how their water bill is calculated, and 43 percent don't know how much they spend on water consumption. 

Water Offenders
The survey also inquired about how often Americans notice water offenders – activities like watering in the rain – and many notice these offenses, and the majority that notice become angry about the offenses. Those polled said the primary offenders are large public spaces such as commercial and government facilities, with neighbors being the second biggest offenders. 

Water Behavior and Smart Technology Adoption
Those polled revealed that despite concerns on wasting water, only 7 percent of Americans surveyed own a smart sprinkler timer. More than half answered that they shower for an average of 6 to 10 minutes – which uses an average of 16 gallons of water – and 68 percent flush the toilet after every use. This suggests that even with the best of intentions, many are unaware or unwilling to change their water-using habits, researchers found.


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