Study: 90% of businesses engage in regular sustainable activities

Study: 90% of businesses engage in regular sustainable activities

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More than 90 percent of businesses practice some form of eco-friendly activity regularly, including recycling, making energy-efficient choices, and/or shopping for more eco-friendly products, according to a new study by Staples.

The survey found that businesses and individuals engage in some form of regular eco-friendly activity in the workplace and at home, and are actively seeking environmentally conscious choices.

“Making daily green choices is not a trend, it is a regular ritual and a priority for our customers,” said Mark Buckley, vice president of environmental affairs for Staples.

The sustainability study further revealed that:

  • 89 percent of businesses and consumers believe eco-friendly products are the same or higher quality than non-eco products
  • While 74 percent of consumers recycle containers made of glass, metal or plastic, only 51 percent recycle electronics at the end of their life
  • 59 percent of businesses implement one or more energy efficient practices

The Staples sustainability survey was conducted to further understand the commitment of businesses and consumers to sustainability in the workplace and at home, officials said. The survey was conducted online, among 600 U.S. consumers and 1,300 businesses (small businesses to commercial and enterprises). Those surveyed were the office or household product and service decision-maker or influencer.


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