Solar power windows can boost efficiency of tall buildings

Solar power windows can boost efficiency of tall buildings

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The presence of a large number of skyscrapers makes rooftop solar power systems unviable, according to a new report.

However, the windows of such tall buildings have the potential to be converted into solar power panels, which can produce at least a third of the buildings power requirement, Market Insights Reports says. Moreover, solar power windows – a market that’s projected to grow over the next five years – eliminate the need for huge amount of land for setting up ground-mounted solar parks.

The electricity generation capability, even in the presence of low sunlight, is an added advantage.

Installation of solar power windows have the capacity to not only reduce the stress on cooling systems, but also generate power for consumption, thereby, enabling the realization of constructing energy neutral buildings, the report shows.

Quick return on investment boosting demand

The return on investment of the solar power windows is expected to be about two years. As of 2018, most of the other types of renewable technologies have a return on investment between five and 10 years, and sometimes as high as 20 years.

The solar power windows are about 40 percent costlier than the conventional solar control window films. However, driven by the better power generating capability of these windows, along with all the benefits of solar control windows and the smaller return of investment period, the demand for solar power window market is expected to grow during the forecast period.

Structural limitations – short-term restraint for global solar power window market

The lateral surface area of high-rise buildings is subject to shade from other buildings that drives down the efficiency of the system. These limitations are expected to restrain the market in the medium-term, until and unless a technological solution evolves.

Asia-Pacific highest demand for solar power window market

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the potential markets for solar power windows, as the construction sector is one of the major end-user industries for solar power windows. With consistent economic growth in the Asia-Pacific countries, coupled with growing tourism and improving business potential, the demand for infrastructure in countries, such as India, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, is growing at a significant rate.

In Asia-Pacific, China is one of the most dominant countries, which is expected to drive the solar power window market. Countries, such as India, Japan, China, Australia and Malaysia are the potential future markets for the solar power windows.


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