Smart building technology to be rolled out across Canadian federal buildings

After a successful pilot project testing smart building technology in 13 buildings, the Canadian government will be making environmental upgrades in more than 100 federal buildings over the next three years, officials announced.  

The plan will see the Canadian federal government, as part of a public-private partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle and the RYCOM Corp., installing modernized energy tracking technology in federal buildings.  

“The smart buildings initiative allows us to make a real impact by implementing innovative technologies and identifying opportunities for energy savings,” Parliamentary secretary to the minister of Public Works Steven MacKinnon said in a statement. “The result is lower overall energy costs for federal buildings and a reduced carbon footprint.”

Officials said it’s useful to think of smart building technology less as a specific technology and more as a conceptual approach to energy management. What is being installed is not a specific energy-saving technology, but a comprehensive monitoring system that allows for energy data to be analyzed and visualized in real-time to identify where improvements can be made.

Over the last year, Canada’s Public Works says that this monitoring system, installed in 13 buildings last year, has reduced energy costs by 17 percent, or nearly $1 million. This is an increase over early estimates in procurement documents, which suggested that smart building technology could account for up to 12 percent improvement in energy efficiency.

In 2016, the government committed to the Greening Government initiative, which set the goal of reducing emissions from government buildings to 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.


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