Shipping containers used to create Korean mall

March 2, 2017

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

Seoul, South Korea’s trendy mall made of shipping containers isn’t the only place you’ll see cargotecture in the city.

Urbantainer, the same local firm behind the world’s largest cargotecture mall Common Ground, recently completed an extension for the National Theater Company of Korea, one of the nation’s flagship theater companies based in the capital, according to Habitat. The new visitor area comprises a series of red shipping containers skillfully transformed into a contemporary and functional space that still preserves an industrial character.

The National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK) commissioned Urbantainer to create a visitor area that would serve as a social space within the grounds. To integrate the new space with the existing buildings, the designers aligned the containers with the building axis and painted them the same shade of red as the NTCK logo.

While highlighting the modular form of containers, the design is deliberately held light and maintains a balance with existing features and objects, such as a former oil station and the grass square, writes Urbantainer.

Although the cargotecture building looks like it’s made of separate containers stacked together, many of the container walls were removed to create an interior with a 12-meter-long column-less space to accommodate large gatherings. High ceilings, access to natural light and the light color palette give the interior a spacious and open feel.

The flexible open-plan area can be manipulated with partitions and moving walls to allow for a variety of functions.

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