RESET, Fitwel align to promote optimal indoor air quality across buildings globally

The RESET Standard and the Fitwel Certification System have aligned, meaning projects using the RESET Air certification can also receive credit toward Fitwel certification, expanding both systems’ impact in communities around the world.  

Fitwel is the leading global health certification, providing over 55 cost-effective and evidence-based design and operational strategies for optimizing buildings to promote health. RESET Air is a performance-based building standard that continuously measures indoor air quality (IAQ), tracks the health level of materials and serves as a reference for other green building programs and international organizations alike.

According to the World Health Organization, “air quality is one of the most pernicious threats facing global public health today. Addressing it starts with good data and better monitoring.”

Understanding this critical threat and recognizing RESET’s rigor in addressing air quality, Fitwel recently adopted the RESET Air certification as a pathway to compliance for its air quality strategy, officials said. The partnership is a natural synchronization of two programs designed to prioritize occupant health, through high standards for indoor air quality, they added.

A comprehensive IAQ policy can identify the areas for improvement in air quality and provide benchmarks to ensure that quality remains high over time. Indoor air quality impacts the following Fitwel health impact categories: reduces morbidity and absenteeism, supports social equity for vulnerable populations and instills feelings of well-being.

RESET Air certification rethinks and simplifies IAQ project certification by documenting, communicating and certifying indoor air quality in real-time. Currently, there are 84 RESET Air projects, representing more than 12 million square feet of real estate in six different countries. 

The Fitwel Certification System was created over a five-year period as a joint initiative led by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration, with its ongoing operations and development led by the Center for Active Design (CfAD).

After launching to the private sector in March 2017, Fitwel impacts more than 250,000 building occupants with more than 380 registered and certified projects.



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