Report: Tenants consider green credentials of building before renting

Report: Tenants consider green credentials of building before renting

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Nearly half of tenants consider how eco-friendly a property is when making a rental decision, according to a recent survey.

Research from Your Move’s sister company, LSL’s PRIsm, has revealed that the figure rose to 50 percent from 42 percent among tenants looking to rent in London.

The survey also highlighted a correlation between the amount of rent paid and the importance of a building’s green credentials to tenants, reports Development Finance Today.

On average, tenants who paid more rent per month were also more likely to consider a building’s environmental credentials to be important. 

Some 63 percent of respondents who paid roughly $2,000 per month expressed this view, compared with just 37 percent of those who paid $500 or less.

“Whether it’s to reduce their energy consumption, save money or make a positive impact on the environment, it’s good to see that tenants consider the ‘greenness’ of a building an important factor in their rental decision,” said Martyn Alderton, national lettings director at Your Move and Reeds Rains.

“As we continue to build more and more homes for our growing population, it’s vital that we do whatever we can to create a more sustainable future for our planet and use our resources as carefully as possible.”


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