Parkview Green first project in China to engage with Arc

Parkview Green first project in China to engage with Arc

Illustration courtesy of USGBC

Parkview Green in Beijing has became mainland China’s first mixed-use LEED platinum building in 2009. Platinum is the highest level of LEED certification possible, yet the team behind Parkview Green was soon considering what should come next.

It's now the first project in China engaging with the Performance Score through Arc, a new performance platform launched by GBCI in 2016, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Arc uses real-time data to measure sustainability performance to facilitate meaningful change and create greener, healthier spaces. Arc’s data-centric approach connects actions and benchmarks performance against itself and projects around it.

The Parkview Green team has been using the platform to monitor the project's performance. It was among the first adopters of the recently launched platform and have been keeping the LEED platinum status up to date through Arc's rigorous operational efficiencies.

Over the years, Parkview Green has deployed a bevy of innovative design ideas to maintain LEED platinum, such as a stable internal micro-circulation system combined with chilled water systems and intelligent building management.

The Arc platform has been helping the Parkview Green team visualize the ongoing sustainability impacts as a performance score. The score is reflected on a scale of 1–100, and higher scores indicate better performance. This simplicity drives effective communications between engineers, consultants, managers and occupants of the building.

Tracking a score of 80 or more on an ongoing basis, Parkview Green continues to maintain high standards set and demonstrate the value of data, technology and management to projects around the world, the USGBC said.

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