Outdated concrete building transformed Into sustainability standout

Outdated concrete building transformed Into sustainability standout

Photo courtesy of Margulies Perruzzi Architects

An abandoned Rhode Island property has been given new life through a transformation that has earned the structure, now an office building, LEED gold status.

The 305,000-square-foot building had been vacant since 2009, reports Facility Executive. It was then turned into an investment property handled by Hobbs Brook Management (HBM).

The offices at 1301 Atwood Ave. in Johnston was built in 1973. It had been a concrete office building that had elements of Brutalist architectural style, the website says, with dark interiors and inefficient electrical systems and single pane glass.

HBM had little choice but to renovate the building or tear it down, the story said. It was determined that gutting the structure and then rebuilding the interior and exterior would be less expensive – and more environmentally friendly – than tearing everything down and starting from scratch.

The new building envelope features a unitized metal and glass curtain wall, providing high thermal efficiency and allowing daylight to filter deep into the building’s interior.

The most significant challenge had been the relative unknown condition of the existing structure, given that it had undergone several renovations since 1973. Developers could have torn down the building, but that would have taken too much time, officials said. To bring the building up to speed, HBM added energy efficiency and green building practices.

Among them: A new roof, elevators, bathrooms, all of which contribute to a 40 percent reduction in water from plumbing fixtures, 31 percent reduction in total energy use and a 30 percent cut in ventilation exceeding code standards. It has also diverted 85 percent of its construction waste from landfills while installing car charging stations in the parking spots.

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