Ore. city paves way for energy-efficient cannabis grow facility

The City Council in Hillsboro, Ore., has approved land use rules and regulations for the cannabis industry, setting in motion development of a $20 million energy-efficient marijuana growing facility, according to a press release.

The city’s anticipation is that the facility, called Walnut Industrial Park, will be a demonstration project of how the cannabis industry can use power responsibly by dramatically reducing power consumption.

This 130,000-square-foot indoor marijuana grow facility will be a community of growers, processors, wholesalers, research facilities and testing labs, the release said. The vision of the project is to address a number of critical concerns pertaining to the emerging marijuana industry.

The new industry is having a significant impact on power grids where facilities operate in places such as Colorado and Washington state, as well as triggering environmental concerns, according to the press release. 

Oregon’s plan is to develop a marijuana grow facility that will embrace the best of technology, achieve optimum energy savings and follow best practices to be more successful and competitive over the long-term.

Because of the size of the Walnut facility, it allows for the development of centralized services to maximize energy savings. The building has a 4-acre roof which provides the opportunity to install up to a 2 megawatt solar array, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

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