One of New England's largest roof-top solar installations completed

One of New England's largest roof-top solar installations completed

A solar array believed to be one of the largest in New England has been completed, according to a press release.

National Development, Altus Power America and Borrego Solar Systems have completed the 3.9-megawatt (MW) roof-top solar installation on a 430,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center straddling the Boston/Dedham line. The project is the largest operational roof-top installation in Massachusetts and is expected to generate 4.8 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually, officials said.

Boston Business Park is owned by National Development and is home to large-scale warehousing and distribution companies such as HD Supply, Max Finkelstein Inc. and Gentle Giant.

Altus Power owns the solar installation and will sell the energy produced to the UMass Boston through a Net Metering Credit Purchase Agreement. Virtual net metering is a utility billing mechanism that enables the offtaker to receive energy credits on its utility bill from a remotely-located installation.

Altus Power has funded, owns and operates more than 80MW of solar nationally, with 32MW completed or in development in the state.

“Powering up this solar system and starting to deliver clean energy savings to UMass Boston marks an important milestone for Altus Power and our development, construction and real estate partners,” said Gregg Felton, managing partner of Altus Power America.

In Massachusetts, this amount of solar power is enough to offset approximately 128 million pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents over the next 25 years, the equivalent of eliminating nearly 140 million vehicle miles or taking nearly 820 cars permanently off the road.

Borrego Solar — the leading developer, designer, installer and O&M provider of solar and energy storage systems in Massachusetts — built and developed the array. The company has installed more than 125 MW of solar in the state.


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