New study shows strong demand for energy efficient mortgages

New study shows strong demand for energy efficient mortgages

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A new study published by E.ON, a leading green utility company, shows that “energy efficient mortgages” could be help European consumers considering energy efficiency home and building makeovers.

The study is part of the EU funded "EeMAP" initiative aimed at establishing a new energy efficient mortgage product for Europe’s banks and borrowers, in which the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network and its partner E.ON are playing leading roles. The EeMAP initiative aims to encourage banks to grant better mortgage rates or extra borrowing power for those willing to invest in more energy efficient properties, helping move Europe closer to its climate goals.

But with many past energy efficiency schemes experiencing low take-up, will European consumers go for energy efficiency mortgages if banks offer them? This is the question the E.ON study investigated, as the EeMAP initiative released initial designs for a pilot scheme that will launch with a group of major banks this summer.

After extensive interviews presenting the energy efficiency mortgage concept to consumer groups in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, key findings from the study include:

  • The concept received a very positive reception in Italy, Sweden and the UK, although its appeal was limited in Germany where a similar state energy efficiency scheme already exists.
  • Appeal to consumers was highest in Italy (80 percent very/quite appealing), followed by the UK (66 percent very/quite appealing). Italy and the UK were therefore recommended as among the most promising European countries for the pilot scheme.
  • Consumers like the option of a home energy efficiency renovation fully managed by a third party, but equally want to be able to pursue a more bespoke “do-it-yourself” approach.
  • The key consumer appeals of the product range from its ability to support better financial management, to better energy management as well as better property value management.
  • Free energy surveys as part of energy efficiency mortgages would enhance their appeal.


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