New book helps value ‘green’ commercial real estate

New book helps value ‘green’ commercial real estate

Commercial real estate valuation professionals must master a new set of terminology and concepts to identify and understand “green” property characteristics and to recognize their effects on market demand and value, according to a new book published by the Appraisal Institute.


“The Valuation of Green Commercial Real Estate” by Timothy P. Runde, MAI, LEED AP, and Stacey L. Thoyre, WELL AP, explains how valuation professionals can incorporate the effect of green building into current appraisal methodology. It is a comprehensive guide for practicing appraisers, commercial lenders, investors, developers, brokers and green building professionals.


“This new book is a valuable resource for those who want to keep up and stay ahead of the newest ideas and trends in commercial real estate,” Appraisal Institute President Jim Amorin wrote in the book’s foreword. 


“The Valuation of Green Commercial Real Estate” provides appraisers and others with an in-depth understanding of green terminology and concepts – information they need to identify and value the green property features found in new construction and commercial building renovations. 


The book further examines green building rating systems and the advanced building design and operating characteristics that make a commercial building energy-efficient and sustainable. The authors explore the effects of these innovations on the valuation process, in addition to the government regulations, financing and tax incentives applicable to green buildings.


The book is available for $75 ($60 for Appraisal Institute professionals) at888-756-4624 or online.



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