New automatic door promotes energy savings in commercial structures

New automatic door promotes energy savings in commercial structures

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STANLEY Access Technologies has launch its new generation of eco-friendly automatic sliding doors designed to meet market demand for window and door technology to support energy-smart and green-certified buildings.

The Dura-Glide GreenStar series provides energy savings night and day – with potential energy-efficiency cost savings up to $514 per door, according to a press release.

During daylight hours when the building is open for operation, the Dura-Glide can be set to reduce the door opening width, shaving off an average of one second of open time – therefore, improving air quality, occupant comfort and building energy efficiency.
At night, when the building is closed, insulated glass improves thermal performance and a tighter sealing system decreasing air infiltration up to 61 percent – lowering heating and cooling costs.
“The average commercial building is estimated to waste 30 percent of its energy consumption, a trend that is compounded by rising energy costs,” said Farrokh Abadi, president of STANLEY Access Technologies, the automatic-door division of Stanley Black and Decker. “Sustainability is an intricate goal today in engineering smarter buildings with higher-energy efficiency and reduced energy costs. STANLEY is supporting that movement with high-quality products that improve sustainability practices and can lower energy use and costs.” 

Automatic doors are an important consideration in today’s green-building design, said Peter Arsenault, a nationally known architect and sustainability consultant.

“Specifying and designing with automatic sliding glass door systems that go beyond minimum standards for performance will help produce buildings that are more sustainable and energy efficient,” Arsenault said.

The Dura-Glide GreenStar has significant application for commercial buildings like hospitals, retail stores and airports, which are among some of the largest energy consumers, said Art Baker, vice president of sales.

“This door series allows building operators to adjust door function based on traffic levels and weather conditions,” Baker said. “When traffic levels are low, or weather is inclement, building operators can flick a switch and reduce the size of the door opening– which allows for energy retention, rather than being held to a one-size-fits all mode of operation.

“The Dura-Glide GreenStar has potential application across a wide variety of commercial buildings.”


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