Naturally-ventilated glass building looks like shimmering urban mirage

Naturally-ventilated glass building looks like shimmering urban mirage

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

A new office building in Geneva features a complex glass facade that makes it look like a shimmering urban mirage.
The headquarters of the Swiss Société Privée de Gérance (SPG), designed by Italian firm Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti, appears almost as an immaterial object that glimmers and vibrates in dialogue with the urban landscape around it, reports Inhabitat.

The building sits on Route de Chêne, at the gates of the historical center of Geneva. The existing building was converted and extended, starting with a naturally-ventilated glass façade that improves the acoustic and thermal insulation performance of the building. The glass facade also gives the project a dematerialized quality that constantly amplifies, reflects and refracts natural light.

A triple layer of glass is covered with a ventilated chamber containing micro-perforated Venetian blinds to regulate the light. Brise-soleil screens made of screen-printed glass are anchored on the outside, giving the façade’s external surface a variable modular pattern in terms of both the panel dimensions and the design on their surface.

The glass facade, lit by white LED lights at night, softens the perimeter of the building, creating a kind of “nebula” that pulsates and changes to adapt to its surroundings.

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