Natural light floods Frankfurt solar-powered business school

Natural light floods Frankfurt solar-powered business school

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

According to the World Green Building Council, students score higher on tests and learn up to 26 percent faster when placed in rooms lit by natural light.

Danish practice Henning Larsen Architects took the report to heart when it designed the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, a light-filled academic building that has officially opened, reports Inhabitat.

Powered by solar and wind energy, the sustainability-minded business school takes cues from its urban surroundings while setting “new standards for transparent and open learning in the world of business and finance.”

Transparency, community and visibility are key to the design of the 32,790-square-meter Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. To open the school up the urban setting, the architects centered the development around the Street of Knowledge, a long public atrium that echoes The Zeil, one of Frankfurt’s oldest commercial streets.

A variety of glass-fronted rooms branch off on either side of the Street of Knowledge in two north-south facing volumes that reinforce the atrium’s likeness to a real city street. Above the third floor terrace, the two parallel buildings turn into five offset towers of flexible 400-square-meter office units. 

Designed to the DGNB Platinum standard, the school reduces demands of primary energy by 60 percent as compared to the German energy saving ordinance (EnEV) standards. Computer simulations and calculations led the architects to optimize the building shape and facade, constructed with a mix of opaque and transparent elements, early on in the design process to minimize energy needs, solar radiation, noise pollution and wind. Rooftop photovoltaics and a wind turbine supplement energy needs, while rainwater retention systems slow the effects of intense rainfall. The skylight and careful building orientation maximize access to natural light. 

“As architects we know that light is one of the most important factors for learning,” said Partner and Design Principal at Henning Larsen, Louis Becker. “It helps improving our focus and performance. My hope and ambition is that the varied daylight-filled spaces we have created for Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will contribute to the important task of educating students that will excel within their field and give something back to the city of Frankfurt.”






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