More cities harnessing power of renewable energy

More cities harnessing power of renewable energy

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

A new report shows that more than 100 cities around the world are running on predominantly clean energy.

That figure is up from 40 in 2015, with more cities – from Seattle to Inje, South Korea – are turning to renewables, according to the report from CDP.

The research shows that more than 100 cities across the globe get 70 percent or more of their energy from wind, solar, hydro and biomass. Some cities are even getting 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources, like Burlington, Vermont, which became the first U.S. city to move completely to renewables. Fifty-eight other cities in the U.S. have joined the growing #WeAreStillIn movement and pledged to transition completely to renewables, reports Inhabitat.

At the same time, electricity demand is decreasing. Thanks to a shift in heavy industry moving outside of the U.S., more efficient lights and appliances and more on-site power, people in the U.S. are using less electricity. As a result, for the first time in a century, electricity demand is stagnant.

In the transition to a sustainable energy supply, CDP says. By reporting their environmental risk and performance, city governments can identify opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint – and encourage green development. 

Cities are home to 50 percent of the world’s population, and expanding rapidly. They need to make sure the new infrastructure they are creating is fit for the low-carbon economy. Our data shows cities are engaged in 1,000 clean infrastructure projects, such as electric transport and energy efficiency, worth more than $52 billion.

Europe is leading the way, reporting $1.7 billion in new projects. But cities in the developing world are also recognizing the opportunities of low-carbon infrastructure. African cities reported US$236 million in renewable energy projects, at various stages of development, according to CDP.



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