Mexico building world's first sustainable tourist city

Mexico building world's first sustainable tourist city

Mexico is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. With its infinite cultural and culinary heritage, its endless beaches and amazing landscapes, the country that seemingly has it all soon will be home to the world’s first sustainable tourist city.

Amaitlán, which means "The Land of Rest" in Nahuatl, is being built on the Mexican Pacific coast in an area called Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island), reports Konbini

Taking advantage of its privileged weather, Amaitlán will boast a tropical architecture combined with green technologies and renewable energies that will keep the city going. The city will implement recycling, residue management, green recreational areas, clean transportation and an environmentally friendly lifestyle for its residents and visitors.

Architect Jaime Lerner is the mind behind the master plan. Lerner has been recognized by United Nations as the "greatest urbanist humankind has ever seen," Konbini reports.

Through this project, he hopes to prove that a balance between environment, society and life quality can be achieved, as these elements do not necessarily conflict with each other.

The city's residential areas, recreational zones, hotels, parks, schools and hospitals will stretch out over two thousand hectares. All the establishments will enable the creation of more than 370,000 jobs.

Thanks to its planning, Amaitlán will be able to reuse all of its water and recycle 100 percent of the garbage generated, officials said.

A website for the city has been created. It can accessed by clicking here.


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