Mall first in Peru to achieve LEED status

InOutlet Premium Lurín has become the first Peruvian mall to obtain LEED certification.

The silver certification illustrates facility owner Parque Arauco’s commitment to sustainable building, officials said.

"We have been able to conceptualize, build and operate a sustainable shopping center by implementing `green' design and construction practices in all areas in which we have direct control such as lighting, climate, water, emissions and waste management," said Alonso Gamero, manager of infrastructure and development at Parque Arauco.

Specialists worked on the lighting and climate infrastructure to achieve energy performance by using ecological refrigerants that prevent the deterioration of the ozone layer in the refrigeration system, as well as interior and exterior lighting that limits the lighting power density to 18 w/m2, which together will generate an improved energy performance for the project (10 percent energy savings). It also will provide a comfortable climate for users.

Similarly, the projects looked for efficiency in the use of potable water, obtaining an expected 34 percent savings with installations that reduce use of water in bathrooms, faucets and showers, and reducing the use of potable water for watering plants by 74 percent by replacing the grass with native plants and installing a water treatment for plants that allows the watering system to only use treated water.

The project has 18 preferential parking spots for low emissions vehicles and 36 bicycle parking spots. The project is designed to maximize the open space and has 27 percent of the land as open space and 25 percent with vegetation from typical plants from the area in order to reduce the need for constant watering and additional treatment.

InOutlet Premium Lurín has naturally ventilated spaces, as well as mechanical systems that generated adequate ventilation for the quality of air required. The outlet features a residual collection room with sufficient space to have the prequalification of waste and establishment of a recycling program for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal.


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