LG brings energy efficiency to Greenbuild ‘Greenzone’ community center

LG brings energy efficiency to Greenbuild ‘Greenzone’ community center

Energy efficient technologies from LG Electronics are at the heart of a new community learning center developed for Compton YouthBuild, which provides educational and vocational opportunities for young people who are invested in creating a sustainable future for themselves, their families and their communities.

LG Electronics USA is the leading technology provider for the "GreenZone," a featured exhibit at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo 2016, according to a press release. Following this week's trade show in Los Angeles, the 15-by-40-foot prefabricated modular facility – designed to LEED standards – will be relocated to the Compton YouthBuild campus in Compton, Calif.

From super-efficient air conditioning and LED lighting systems to ENERGY STAR-certified home appliances and commercial displays, LG products in the Greenbuild GreenZone underscore LG's commitment to leadership in developing sustainable technologies for greener buildings. The structure, created in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) andBuilding Design+Construction magazine, will be used by Compton YouthBuild to expand its construction-training program and outreach efforts to the Compton community.

Air conditioning system
LG's duct-free air conditioning system installed in the GreenZone module is designed to provide comfort, convenience and efficiency for the Compton YouthBuild center. The ENERGY STAR-certified multi-zone system (composed of outdoor model LMU36CHV matched with two indoor units, model LSN180HSV4) operates efficiently and quietly thanks to the LG Inverter variable-speed compressor. The system uses refrigerant piping instead of air ducts, which reduces installation costs and offers flexibility for zoned cooling capabilities. With two indoor units, occupants can use just the air conditioning needed in each zone, further enhancing the energy savings.

LED lighting
Providing efficient and flexible lighting for the Compton YouthBuild community center are LG's "Simple Choice Wireless LED troffers" with Sensor Connect technology. A highlight of the GreenZone, they offer integrated daylight and occupancy sensors as well as customizable light levels for greater energy savings. With three system integration options including ZigBee open standards protocol, fixtures can be individually controlled via a simple smartphone mobile app.

Home appliances
The kitchenette in the Compton YouthBuild center features LG home appliances that combine efficiency and convenience. The 20-cubic-foot large capacity top-freezer LG refrigerator (model LTCS20220) – designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as "ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016" – uses efficient LED lighting and boasts a premium stainless steel finish. The ENERGY STAR-certified LG dishwasher (model LSF5545ST) marries performance and efficiency with features that both optimize cleaning and convenience. The LG countertop microwave (model LCS1112ST) features an Energy Saving mode and LG's EasyClean interior for quick cleaning without using harsh chemicals.

Commercial displays
To enhance the learning experience at the Compton YouthBuild center, 65- and 55-inch class LG commercial displays (models 65LY340C and 55LX341C respectively) are optimized for both high-definition video and computer applications. Supporting the GreenZone's green education mission, model 55LX341C is ENERGY STAR-certified, saving over 20 percent more energy on average than conventional models.

Sustainable countertops
Also featured in the GreenZone Compton YouthBuild community center are natural countertops from LG Electronics' sister company LG Hausys. Composed of 93 percent quartz, one of the earth's hardest minerals, the seamless and non-porous countertops have no crevices, reducing bacteria and mold. Their jumbo size, up to 130 x 63 inches, allows for designs with fewer seams. The LG Hausys "Viatera" quartz surface is low maintenance and does not require sealing.

"The GreenZone at Greenbuild 2016 is the ideal platform to highlight how LG's broad product portfolio – from air conditioning to appliances to LED lighting and more – helps designers and builders create more sustainable buildings," said William Cho, president and CEO, LG Electronics USA. "This project, which benefits Compton YouthBuild's terrific education programs, also represents a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community."

Kimberly Lewis, USGBC's senior vice president of community advancement, called the GreenZone, "a magnificent example of what is possible for sustainability in the classroom."

"This classroom serves as a living demonstration of the benefits of green building for the Compton community, while providing a much needed space for the Compton YouthBuild students to learn about the importance of sustainability," she said.

Designed by HDR Architecture and built by MODS PDX in Portland, Ore., the 600-square-foot prefabricated classroom will provide indoor/outdoor workspaces for students to learn hands-on construction skills. The 15x40-foot structure features a kitchenette, a deck, and handicap ramp access.

"The project team took considerable effort to ensure that the learning environment would support project-based collaborative learning to engage the students while illustrating sustainable design that will position them for 21st Century jobs," HDR Design Principal Kate Diamond said.

Compton YouthBuild is committed to "rebuilding our communities and rebuilding our lives." It provides programs in community advocacy and leadership development, career pathways, counseling and construction vocational training, as well as opportunities to earn a high school diploma through its educational partnership with the YouthBuild Charter School of California.


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