LEED certification marks Philadelphia first

Philadelphia’s Goldtex apartment building is the city’s first to receive LEED gold certification.

A former shoe factory that had been covered with graffiti over the years was recently transformed to a modern apartment building, reports the Philly Voice website. A foot-deep insulating thermal barrier envelopes the entire structure, and special glass allows light but not heat to penetrate inside.

"We took an old, abandoned industrial building that was in terrible shape ... and we put a whole new skin on it,” said Mike Pestronk, CEO of Post Brothers, the company that headed up the project.

Other ecological features include a new HVAC system, special lighting and the fact that it runs entirely on wind power. All the other Post Brothers buildings do as well.

It took some time since the building opened in 2013 to earn the LEED certification, which is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. That’s because buildings can’t be certified until people have actually lived in them and there’s data to prove that it really is as energy efficient as it was designed to be.

Other factors like air quality or how air flow between apartments are taken into account as well.

Most of the building was gutted when it was renovated, said Pestronk, because, "Old facades are really not very energy efficient at all, especially when you have exposed concrete and exposed brick." 


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