Horizontal skyscraper rising in China

Horizontal skyscraper rising in China

Image courtesy of CapitaLand

China soon will add the world’s highest skybridge to its skyline.

The Raffles City Chongqing project under construction in southwest China, reports New Atlas.

Developer CapitaLand's reference to the skybridge as a horizontal skyscraper is an exaggeration, but a forgivable one. Named the Conservatory, the structure measures 984 feet in length. Its curved structure is supported at a height of 820 feet by four mixed-use towers, which themselves include offices, apartments, retail space and hotels.

An adjacent pair of 1,148-foot-tall towers are linked by a couple of smaller skybridges. In all, the project has eight towers planned.

The interior of the Conservatory features an infinity pool, sky gardens and observation decks. It comprises a steel structure weighing 12,000 tons and is enclosed with 3,200 pieces of glass and 4,800 aluminum panels. Engineering firm Arup is lending its expertise to help the team navigate potential dangers like high winds and seismic activity, not to mention getting the thing up there safely in the first place.

The Conservatory's steel structure is expected to be fully in place by mid-2018. The glazing then will be installed, along with the trees and plants for the sky gardens. It should be open to the public sometime in 2019.

The Raffles City Chongqing project is also slated for LEED gold and energy-efficient measures planned include optimizing shades to reduce heat, an efficient irrigation system, an effort to recycle construction waste, and the use of partly-recycled building materials.


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