Green-roofed wooden tower in Lagos maximizes daylight, natural ventilation

Green-roofed wooden tower in Lagos maximizes daylight, natural ventilation

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

A new green-roofed wooden tower planned for Lagos features a perforated envelope inspired by indigenous cultures of the area. 

Hermann Kamte & Associates designed the experimental structure as an alternative to the massive concrete buildings that dominate the city, reports Inhabitat. By contrast, the wooden tower emphasizes passive design principles that marry indoor and outdoor living.

The building was designed for the Plan B: City Above the City competition. Each floor provides a variety of residential units surrounded by a belt of lush greenery.

Divided into four parts, the new building sits atop an existing housing estate, with sky gardens and other amenities separating the old and the new. A rooftop garden provides panoramic views of the city and functions as an informal gathering space and restaurant.

The wooden envelope incorporates traditional patterns from the Yoruba culture, and it provides protection from direct sun while giving the project a unique appearance. The entire structure is designed using LVL timber for both load-bearing and non-load bearing elements.

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