Green office covered with native plants rescued on-site

Green office covered with native plants rescued on-site

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

Ho Khue Architects has created an office space in Da Nang infused with lush native greenery. The Vietnam-based firm constructed the Modern Village Office on an old lot that was covered in native plants.

Inspired by the plants’ resilience, the architects transplanted the greenery inside the building to create a soothing office that evokes the spirit of a family village, reports Inhabitat.

The architects built the concrete office space on an urban lot that contained some old structures, white pampas grass and native plants like bamboo shrubs. The architects took the natural state of the lot into consideration and decided to infuse the existing vegetation into the office’s design.

The banana trees, yellow bushes and native plants were carefully transplanted on the first floor, where they help create a soothing and welcoming entryway. Some of the plants also were harvested to be used in the ground floor’s water feature.

More native plants were transplanted on the building’s rooftop, creating a garden for employees to enjoy.

The dense grass and other plants that cover the roof help cool the interior floors underneath. The greenery continues throughout the interior spaces, with long hanging vines and plants in virtually every corner.

The 350-square-meter space is bright and airy, thanks to the white brick walls and minimal furnishings found inside. The interior is naturally lit by an abundance of windows, and open terraces provide quiet areas for meetings or lounging. Decorative slats on the southwest facade block out the heat and provide natural ventilation.

According to the architects, the green office building was designed to give modern workers a healthy environment that provides a relaxing atmosphere: “Working in this modern office evokes feelings reminiscent of childhood and a time when life was simpler. The air flow is fresh from the sea leading to comfortable temperature without being cold. Today’s younger generation may have had little or no time in the countryside. This office has brought the spirit and the heart of the rural areas to the workplace.”


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