Green infrastructure options available to state legislators

State legislators have opportunities to advance sustainability through policy that helps transform the way communities are designed, built and operated.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s new Green Infrastructure Menu of State Policy Options includes a range of leading legislative options for state lawmakers. The menu is organized into seven areas:

  1. Cool roofs
  2. Green roofs
  3. Solar roofs
  4. Permeable pavements
  5. Reflective / cool pavements
  6. Urban trees / urban forestry
  7. Studying / financing green infrastructure

Many of the bills listed in the menu are comprehensive and have benefits beyond the category to which they have been assigned, USGBC officials said. And the recourse is intended to be a living document, as more state legislatures take decisive action to expand the uptake of green infrastructure practices.

The availity of the USGBC resource comes as a recent study shows that green infrastructure can save cities billions of dollars. Green infrastructure includes many technologies and strategies such as green roofs, cool roofs, urban forestry and pervious pavement. 

Weaving such strategies into a state’s larger sustainability efforts and other initiatives has the potential to create more resilient communities by strengthening climate adaptation and social equity at the same time, the USGBC says. 




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