First Foam Expo covers varied industry topics

First Foam Expo covers varied industry topics

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The first Foam Expo gets underway this week, focused on the design and manufacture of flexible and rigid foams for technical applications.

The free exhibition and conference will be held Feb. 28 - March 2 in Novi, Mich. The event targets foam industry professionals to network and keep abreast of the latest industry news and developments while learning about the latest application designs, manufacturing processes and current trends.

Foam Expo attendees will gain insight into the latest rigid and flexible foam materials; an overview of the variety of foam materials available for lightweight, sound/shock absorbing and thermal applications in technical industries; information on evolving customer requirements; and details of the latest designs, manufacturing processes, technological advances, materials and trends.

“Our aim is to give the technical foams industry the stage it truly deserves,” said Jamie Reid, Foam Expo conference director. “If you are involved in the purchasing, integration, manufacture or supply of materials, products or equipment, you can be certain that your suppliers, customers, competitors, and peers will all be at the show.”

Foam Expo also offers direct contact with the engineers and executives who produce materials and products used in a range of applications – from automotive, aerospace and construction, to medical, packaging and sports and leisure uses.

Speaker sessions and panel discussions feature presenters and companies at the forefront of innovation in the sector and from a wide range of specialties. Discussions will cover topics such as:

  • Examining the benefits of foam as an alternative design material
  • Characterizing foam materials to meet industry standards
  • Eliminating hazardous materials in flame-retardant foam production
  • Reviewing shock-absorbing properties of foam materials for protective applications
  • Evaluating thermal properties of foam for improved insulation or conductivity
  • Using foam to reduce weight and increase payload and fuel efficiency
  • Optimizing noise reduction and sound absorption with foam materials
  • Examining processes and technologies for bonding and welding of foam with different materials        
  • Automating assembly lines to optimize production capacity                    
  • Examining end-of-life requirements to drive post-consumer recycling              
  • Adopting sustainable materials: the implementation of soybean oil in the automotive industry
  • Gaining competitive advantage through reducing manufacturing lead time and increasing productivity
  • Reviewing new product-development processes to reduce project lead time    

To sign up, register online via this link. The full agenda is available at

Topics: Architectural Firms, Building Owners and Managers, Construction Firms, Energy Saving Products, Engineering Firms, Great Commercial Buildings, Insulation, Thermal Envelope - Building Envelope, Wall Systems / Curtain Walls

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