Experts predict more workplace sensors to monitor sustainability

Most people cringe when they think about yet more monitoring occurring in the office environment, but what if the related electronics were designed to make the workspace more comfortable, be kinder to the environment and save money for the firm?

That’s the increasing reality described in a story on The Next Web. The article references sensors placed within office buildings that can make them more energy efficient by monitoring which spaces in the office are actually being used so that energy for heat, air, light, etc., isn’t allocated where it’s not needed. With such sensors both energy and money are saved by preserving these resources.

Most buildings are not energy efficient, but this technology can help mitigate their shortcomings. According to Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE Technologies, gathering this kind of data can provide valuable lessons.

“It will answer questions such as, do people dim lighting when giving presentations? Do people spend more time in areas with more plants? Do people tend to arrive at work later in the winter months?” he said in the story.

“This way we adapt existing working environments and plan our future buildings better.”

Topics: Building Owners and Managers, Energy Audit / Energy Management, Energy Saving Products, Healthy & Comfortable Buildings, Technology

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