Don't get fooled by bottled water: fast faucet filter delivers endless treated water

Don't get fooled by bottled water: fast faucet filter delivers endless treated water

Too many people rely on bottled water for clean drinking water, but there's no quality control and most people could get better water cheaper.

Howard Esbin, president of Environmental Water Systems, crusades against the cost, waste and tricky marketing of bottled water. People looking for healthy water wind up paying a lot for bottled water then they could get treated water in their own homes without costly installation or ongoing fees.

"The ones who can afford to waste money the least are the same people preyed upon by bottled water and these poor gimmicks," Esbin said.

As an alternative to bottled water deliveries or purchases, EWS offer the Essential Max Flow in-line filter system.

"This is the product that can eliminate bottled water and all the cheap gimmicks," Esbin said.

The Essential Max Flow filter can be installed under a sink inline with the existing cold water line. It does not require a separate faucet so there's no need to drill a hole in a sink or countertop. Esbin noted it's an easy installation for renters who may not have permission to drill a hole in the countertop, and for owners of condos, apartments, townhomes and other multifamily dwellings.

"Anyone can install this filter and get filtered water for an entire year not only to drink but to cook with as well by just turning on their kitchen faucet without any flow restriction," Esbin said.

Compared to what the average home spends on bottled water in a year, the Essential Max Flow saves about 75 percent of the cost and delivers up to 10,000 gallons of filtered water over the course of a year, depending on the quality of water.

The Essential Max Flow features a 1-micron Carbon Block Advanced full bed depth filter designed to remove chlorine, chloramine reduction, lead, cysts, VOCs, and more. The Essential Max Flow can be used in-line on the cold water line anywhere greater filter capacity, longevity, and flow rate are required.

The filter was designed to be used in municipal water systems that treat for microbiological contaminants. However, most municipal water is treated with chlorine, and its byproducts are known carcinogens. Drinking them, or inhaling and absorbing them while showering or bathing, is not recommended. The New York State Dept. of Health and President’s Cancer Panel recommend water filtration to reduce or eliminate exposure to these substances. Before using with well water the water should be tested before specifying any treatment or filtration systems.

Esbin estimated the filter can save $500 or more per year in bottled water expenses. People can switch to reusable bottled and refill with clean water at their own sink.

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