County to save more than $10 million through energy efficiency project

County to save more than $10 million through energy efficiency project

Energy and sustainability expert Schneider Electric has begun construction of an innovative energy efficiency project with Webb County, Texas.

The project will improve the county’s aging facilities and deliver significant energy and operational savings, the company said in a release. The project is designed to leverage savings from Webb County’s energy budget to fund much-needed infrastructure upgrades and improve quality of operations.

“We are making improvements to our aging facilities with a progressive approach versus having to seek tax funds to address these failing systems. With savings guaranteed in excess of $10 million over the life of the project, our community will benefit from state-of-the-art improvements without a strain on our operational budget,” said Tano Tijerina, county judge for Webb County. “Schneider Electric’s strong track record with energy efficiency projects makes them an ideal partner to support our vision of improving the quality of life in our county.”

For years, Webb County faced a growing list of deferred maintenance projects that drove high operational costs. By partnering with Schneider Electric, the county will be able to modernize several of its facilities and reduce its energy consumption by 35 percent.

Schneider Electric worked closely with the county to develop a solution that will offer many long-term benefits such as improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort and financial management.

The focus of the program is rebuilding and expanding the county’s downtown central chiller plant and upgrading building automation systems, both of which are well beyond useful life. As part of the new central chiller plant, the county will be expanding the central chiller plant connections to include additional facilities, providing a simpler, more efficient solution.

The central chiller plant is set up to support future expansion needs as part of a strategic plan to ensure future needs are proactively managed in the most cost-efficient manner. In addition to providing critically needed equipment and systems to replace failing infrastructure, the program will deliver significant energy savings. 

The project will have a sizable impact on both the local economy and environment. Once completed, the project will provide energy efficiency savings equivalent to removing 4,497 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or removing 874 cars from the road or planting 4,805 acres of new trees. 

Construction is underway and scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018.

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