Companies partner to bring commercial Internet of Things to smart irrigation

Companies partner to bring commercial Internet of Things to smart irrigation

Looking to simplify the automation and control of irrigation systems on commercial properties and promote increased efficiency, two companies in the energy and water management fields have combined their efforts, according to a press release.

Powerhouse Dynamics, creator of the SiteSage asset and energy management platform for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, and Weathermatic, makers of the SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network, are partnering to bring Weathermatic’s commercial irrigation system onto the SiteSage platform.

SiteSage is used by thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, and other businesses across North and Central America and the Caribbean. Weathermatic’s water-saving technologies are used by thousands of commercial properties worldwide.

“This partnership represents a giant leap forward in our commercial Internet of Things direction, expanding it to include irrigation, along with the array of other equipment types that can already be managed effectively through SiteSage,” said Jay Fiske, vice president of business development for Powerhouse Dynamics. “Customers have told us that they want to take advantage of the efficiencies enabled by the Internet of Things without having to log in to multiple apps and software to deal with different types of equipment and different manufacturers.”

SiteSage is an enterprise-level asset and energy management system that allows users to control HVAC and other electrical loads centrally, remotely monitor equipment and use patented analytics to diagnose performance issues and identify energy and water savings opportunities. SiteSage manages the performance of individual pieces of equipment across the enterprise through a cloud-based system that features low cost, easy installation, and intuitive mobile apps.

With its Internet of Things platform, SiteSage pulls key data from a variety of equipment types, from ovens to HVAC systems and now to irrigation, and analyzes it continuously to produce alerts, recommendations and other actionable information. This helps equipment manufacturers offer better service to customers by using advanced, remote diagnostics and helps customers better manage their operations and reduce costs.

The combined solution was developed in partnership with Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., which uses both SiteSage and SmartLink at their U.S. corporate locations.


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