Calif. university constructing $101 million sustainable science building

Calif. university constructing $101 million sustainable science building

In just a little more than two years, Chico State University will have a new 110,000-square-foot physical sciences building that campus leaders hope will set an example in sustainability. 

After more than 10 years of planning, the California university this summer will start constructing the $101 million replacement for the existing physical sciences building, which the university has deemed inadequate for science teaching needs and plans to renovate for future use, reports OrvilleMR Education.

The new building will house chemistry, physics, geological science and science education labs.

The new facility will be an exceptionally sustainable science building, College of Natural Sciences Dean Dave Hassenzahl said, and designed with the campus commitment to fighting climate change in mind, as well as the needs of students and faculty.

The new structure will primarily be electric-powered and built in such a way that it could one day be carbon neutral, Hassenzahl said. 

Officials said they hope Chico State will construct a building that others can learn from, and the university will be able to use cutting-edge techniques that will one day be standard practice. 

Students are pleased by some sustainable aspects of the building, student Maggie Scarpa said, particularly that it will be mostly electric, but remain concerned about new construction. She added that ongoing conversations around the new physical sciences building provided the momentum the students needed to ensure that the university prioritizes addressing climate change.

The students want to see the university reaffirm its commitment to addressing climate change, specifically in regard to the establishment of a climate change task force.

“With this new building, we have a chance of working toward a more sustainable future,” senior Ethan Dilley said. “This is a big draw where we try to get the university to choose projects that are more sustainable.”


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