Beijing gets closer to nature with futuristic complex

Beijing gets closer to nature with futuristic complex

A new development in Beijing’s central business district is nearing completion. 

Comprising a series of multi-purpose buildings inspired by the country’s mountains and sea, Chaoyang Park Plaza – by MAD Architects – will offer an eye-catching new addition to the city’s skyline, reports Lonely Planet. Covering almost 394,000 square feet, the complex features both residential and office buildings, each inspired by an element in nature.

The architects explained that their vision is one of merging a cosmopolitan city with classical imagery. 

“By transforming features of Chinese classical landscape painting, such as lakes, springs, forests, creeks, valleys, and stones, into modern ‘city landscapes,’ the urban space creates a balance between high urban density and natural landscape. The forms of the buildings echo what is found in natural landscapes, and re-introduces nature to the urban realm.”

The team’s work on the buildings’ facades gives the impression that they’ve been sculpted by the elements. 

“Like the tall mountain cliffs and river landscapes of China, a pair of asymmetrical towers creates a dramatic skyline in front of the park. Ridges and valleys define the shape of the exterior glass facade, as if the natural forces of erosion wore down the tower into a few thin lines. Located to the south of the towers, four office buildings are shaped like river stones that have been eroded over a long period. Smooth, round, and each with its own features, they are delicately arranged to allow each other space while also forming an organic whole.”

A green endeavour, the project has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certificate by the U.S. Green Building Council

“Its use of natural lighting, intelligent building, and air purification system make this project stand out from others being built today,” MAD officials said. “By exploring the symbiotic relationship between modern urban architecture and natural environment, it revives the harmonious co-existence between urban life and nature. It creates a ‘Shanshui’ (mountains and water) city, where people can share their individual emotions and a sense of belonging.”

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