ASHRAE chooses India as host for 2017 Developing Economies Conference

ASHRAE chooses India as host for 2017 Developing Economies Conference

ASHRAE has announced that its second Developing Economies Conference will take place Nov. 10-11 in Delhi, India. 

The conference addresses the challenges developing countries face in infrastructure and urbanization as well as air pollution, refrigerant phasedown and lack of trained manpower, according to a press release.

“Developing economy countries are in many ways leapfrogging technologies while simultaneously handicapped due to inadequate education and regulations,” said Ashish Rakheja, conference chair. “At the same time, there is increasingly more new construction and demand on energy sources and a corresponding demand for excellent technical information to cope with these demands.”

The conference theme is titled “Trends, Opportunities and Challenges for the Built Environment in Developing Economies.” It is focused on trends that are affecting the built environment in developing economies and the opportunities and challenges presented by these trends.

“This conference seeks to provide consulting engineers, building professionals and policymakers with guidance that will help them successfully meet the challenges in their countries,” Rakheja said.

The conference attempts to bring together experts from all over the world. A call for conference presenters is now open.

Presentations are sought on the following topics:

  • Technologies that are game changers in building design
  • Solutions to challenges, such as outdoor and indoor pollution, refrigerant phasedown, lack of trained manpower and expensive technologies
  • Standards, measurement and rating standards being developed and adopted to bring a common language for built environment evaluation, such as ASHRAE’s Building EQ, local standards, etc.
  • Regulatory changes and direction affecting the building industry, such as energy codes
  • Evolving economic models and their impact on building planning and use.

The presentations and sessions cover aspects of energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, wellness and environmental impact of buildings in developing economy countries as affected by the air-conditioning, heating and ventilating systems for the buildings. Abstracts (400 or less words in length) are due July 7, 2017.

For more information or to submit a presentation proposal, visit

The conference is co-organized by ASHRAE, the ASHRAE India Chapter and ISHRAE.


Topics: Architectural Firms, Building Owners and Managers, Construction Firms, Consulting - Green & Sustainable Strategies and Solutions, Healthy & Comfortable Buildings, HVAC - Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation, Sustainable Communities, Technology, Urban Planning and Design, Ventilation

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