Aeroseal Grows to Serve 50 States

Aeroseal Grows to Serve 50 States

Aeroseal LLC now has trained and licensed dealers offering aeroseal duct sealing services in all fifty states throughout the U.S.

The announcement, made at the opening of the 2017 AHR Expo, follows the addition of an Aeroseal dealership in Wyoming, the last state to acquire its first Aeroseal dealership since 2010, when Aeroseal LLC was first formed.

Addressing a gathering of AHR Expo participants, Aeroseal CEO Amit Gupta added that along with representation throughout the United States, the use of aeroseal duct sealing technology has also expanded around the globe with Aeroseal dealerships now located in more than two dozen countries around the globe including Canada, Germany, UAE-Saudi Arabia, UAE-Dubai, UAE-Qatar, Philippines, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Turkey, and Belgium, among others.

“Aeroseal’s rapid growth is due to two key factors,” said Gupta. “First, there’s a growing awareness among home and building owners of the major effect that duct sealing can have on indoor comfort, indoor air quality and reduced energy usage. Secondly, there’s also a growing understanding and acceptance of the technology by the professional building community. Contractors are learning first hand that in both residential and commercial applications, aerosol duct sealing is as much as 60% more effective and 70% less expensive to apply than traditional duct sealing methods. In some cases, it’s the only viable solution available.”

“Becoming an Aeroseal dealer just made a lot of sense,” said Martin Occhi, president of Wyoming Works, an energy service solutions provider headquartered in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming. “Since aeroseal can seal leaks in hidden and other hard to reach ductwork, we can, for the first time, help homeowners eliminate one of the most significant causes of energy waste. We expect our new aeroseal services to quickly become a key component of our overall business success.”

With the recent addition of Wyoming Works to the Aeroseal team, there are currently more than 600 Aeroseal dealerships around the world, with new dealers being added each month.

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