2 NYC multi-family projects to use storage containers

2 NYC multi-family projects to use storage containers

Photo courtesy of SG Blocks

SG Blocks, a leading designer, innovator and fabricator of container-based structures, has secured two low-income housing development projects in New York State, representing the largest project awards in the company’s history, according to a release.

SG Blocks has been commissioned to design and build a 310,000-square-foot low-rise workforce housing development in New York state and an 80,000-square-foot mid-rise workforce housing development in New York City. Both multi-story, multi-family projects will be fully modular, prefabricated and constructed as an “as-of-right” development that already complies with all applicable zoning regulations.

“We are thrilled to be working with developers who see the value in using our eco-friendly, faster-to-market technology as an economical and safe alternative for housing,” stated Paul Galvin, chairman and CEO of SG Blocks. “These two projects fully utilize the potential of code compliant containers and within 36 months, both will be completed and provide effective housing solutions across New York. 

Founded in 2007, SG Blocks uses code-engineered cargo shipping containers to construct and provide safe, strong and green structures and environments. Instead of consuming new steel and lumber, the firm capitalizes on the structural engineering and design parameters a shipping container must meet and repurposes them for use in building. The methodology is transformative and delivers to its customers a sustainable and scalable solution that lowers their costs and increases lead-time to market. Clients have included Lacoste, Puma, Mini Cooper, Aman, Taco Bell, Marriott, Starbucks, Equinox and several branches of the U.S. military.

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