How to build an effective showcase

  • Vary the format.  Since users are more inclined to read copy that’s brief and visually appealing, feel free to use headlines, subheads and bullet points.
  • Be bold.  Write your text in a way that matches your brand’s “personality.” Don’t be shy!
  • Sell.  List the benefits of your products or services – not just the features. What are the top few reasons someone would buy your product?
  • Google-ize your copy.  Make sure to include search-friendly keywords for your company or product descriptions (keywords are common words that potential customers might type into Google).
  • Don’t steal.  Use plenty of high-quality graphics, but be careful about grabbing images you find in an online search. You are liable for any copyright and usage fees that result from image “poaching.” We do our best to protect against rights infringement, but Networld is not held liable for clients’ use of third-party graphics.
  • Leverage your brand.  To get the best response from your advertising, we recommend promoting a consistent message throughout your entire presence on the site. Your showcases, products, banners, and all copy and graphics should reinforce and resemble each other.
  • Change it up.  It’s important to keep your showcase current. We recommend you review and refresh the copy and graphics every three months.
  • Keep contact info up to date.  Don’t let old e-mail addresses, urls or phone numbers keep prospective customers from contacting you. Ensure the e-mail address you use for receiving leads is monitored regularly.
  • Communicate internally.  Make sure your staff is aware of the marketing campaign you have on our site.

Content checklist for your showcase:

  • A logo that’s at least 300 pixels wide and high resolution.  If possible, use a PNG with a clear background.

  • Cover image - You can add a 1000x250 jpg or png image that will appear at the top of your showcase.

  • Short company description (346 characters, including spaces) - This will appear on company list pages

  • Longer company description - This will appear at the top of your showcase and should still be brief (no longer than 150 words)

  • Social links - To maximize your showcase, please be sure to upload Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn URLs. You may also upload Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram links.

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Tips for your product & service listings:

  • Use search-friendly product titles.  Don’t assume everyone will know model XYG-41 is a kiosk! Think of the product name as more of a description – for example, you could use “XYG-41: The low-cost self-checkout kiosk” to better catch users’ (and Google’s) attention.

  • Project the best image.  One image for each product in png, gif or jpg format.

  • Short description - Come up with 346 characters or less that are keyword-rich.

  • Product description - make it more detailed but not too long.  The key is NOT to recreate your Web site or sales brochure here. Users who click on the product will get this longer description. To ensure they read the whole thing, be brief and employ bullet points. You can add more images in this section by going to the Upload Creative tab.