How to Optimize your Content for Search

Much of the content on our sites (including our clients’ assets) shows up at the top of Google search results. To increase the chances your own content will be found, we offer the following tips.

  • When you’ve identified the best keywords, feature them prominently in your showcases and assets. Including these keywords in titles is particularly important. Also use them in synopses and descriptions, but don’t overdo it. Above all else, your copy must read well to a potential buyer.
  • Unless your product is already well-known in the industry, avoid using its technical name in the showcase title. Instead, use terms that a potential buyer would use to describe your product. For example, “Lightweight Compound Bow” is better than “Browning Verado™ Bow RTS Package.” If you absolutely must put the model name in the showcase title, follow this example: “Lightweight Compound Bow | Browning Verado™ Bow RTS Package.”

Link from your site to your showcases and assets listed on our sites.  Also feel free to link to articles, press releases, topic centers and home pages.