E-blast Design Guide

E-blasts are graphical html e-mails that are 100% dedicated to your message and reach the Networld audiences of your choice.

Want to design your own e-mail? The following tips will help your message retain its proper layout across various e-mail clients, including Gmail and Outlook.

Design for a 600-800 pixel width – Many e-mail clients comfortably display text and images that are 600 pixels wide. However, wider emails may be "chopped off" in some e-mail client preview windows.

Use “http://” in all links – When embedding links for images and text, make sure you include the full link, rather than starting with “www.

Correct:  http://www.google.com 
Incorrect: www.google.com 

Put background colors inside tables – Several web-based e-mail clients specify a background color on the web page that displays the e-mail. As a result, background colors specified in the body tag of an e-mail may be ignored.

Avoid heavy use of CSS – Many email clients will have a difficult time displaying e-mails with style sheets. If you use CSS, it should be written inline and should primarily relate to text styling.  Also make sure to use tables, as CSS formatting can cause issues with many e-mail clients. 

Use center tags – Center tags help ensure your e-mails display consistently across web-based email clients.

Use only JPEG, PNG and GIF(static) images - All images must be served on your company's servers.

Don’t use JavaScript or style tags

Limit the use of non-standard languages – Many e-mail clients are not able to properly render Microsoft's Rich Text Format (RTF). This is because the subscriber's email client requires Microsoft software to properly interpret it. Look for (MSO) tags in the body of your HTML to identify Microsoft RTF.


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