Asset Design Guide

Assets are white papers, case studies, infographics and other downloadable content you’ve created for the industry. These pieces are generally informational vs. promotional – in fact, the more informational they are the more downloads they’ll get!

Since everyone who downloads one of your assets or views one of your webinars is captured as a lead for you, it pays to produce content the industry wants.

Examples of assets: 


Special Publication

White Paper


Orange Leaf partnered with InMoment to launch a store-wide Voice of Customer feedback program and social advocacy initiative. Frank Mayer's five basic stages of the path to purchase and the connected consumer. Video walls are growing in popularity by the day. They inspire imagination, and deliver the "wow" factor, whether trying to convey an image of cutting-edge technology or elevating a brand. Presented by Mobile Payments Today and mobile payment provider Cellum, this infographic shows some of the myriad ways mobile payments are already being used. 


View a live directory with many more examples of what other companies have produced.

Your checklist:

  • Upload PDF files only – White papers and case studies should be saved as optimized PDFs, so they can be downloaded faster. If you need help with pdf's, learn more from Adobe here and here.
  • Create a search-friendly title – Users will find them on our sites and in Google using common keywords.
  • Short synopsis – Again, make it brief, descriptive and search-friendly – just one or two sentences describing why someone would want to read your document or view your webinar.
  • Brief overview – Go into a little more detail than the synopsis. Make sure to include some data points, a list of topics and a summary of the kinds of must-have information included in your report.
  • Cover/White paper image – We’ll create a cover for your document; or if you have your own image, you can upload it under the "Upload Creative" tab. The image should be a .png file (150 x 195 pixels).