ROXUL® | Fire and Soundproofing Insulation

Start your project with Roxul — the fire-resistant insulation that's made from stone. Home owners, contractors and builders rely on Roxul for no-compromise insulation solutions that help save energy and create quiet and safer homes.

Rockwool insulation provides superior energy efficiency in buildings for pleasant indoor environments that keep occupants comfortable and reduce heating and cooling expenses.

Whether you're renovating an existing room, expanding your living space with an addition, or building a brand new home or project, choosing the right insulation for the project is extremely important. Although insulation will represent only a small fraction of your budget, the choices you make will affect quality of your finished project, and the ongoing costs of your heating and cooling. Your decision will also have an impact on the environment.

Roxul’s line of fire-resistant insulation for residential use includes both thermal and soundproofing products:

  • Roxul ComfortBatt® is thermal insulation for use in exterior walls, attics and crawlspaces. It provides indoor comfort and energy savings all year ‘round.
  • Roxul Safe’n’Sound™ is soundproofing insulation for use in interior walls, ceilings and floors to help create a quieter home.

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