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EcoSmart US® is a privately owned manufacturer of green energy technology based out of Waterbury, Connecticut. EcoSmart’s mission is to produce and distribute quality green energy products that are practically efficient and economical to consumers in the area of water heating. EcoSmart’s patented self modulating technology within the electric tankless water heater line can save customers up to 60% on their water heating bill as compared to a storage tank.

Just as a home relies on hot water for function and comfort, so does the business world. Hot water is essential for the day-to-day operations in most businesses from restaurants to doctor’s offices to laundromats. EcoSmart has various tankless water heater models that help to keep business running smoothly, effectively, and economically with hot water solutions.

From apartment buildings that rely on hot water for the tenants’ cooking, cleaning and bathing needs to strip malls with retail tenants who rely on hot water for their various clients’ needs, EcoSmart has a model that’s suited to handle every application. With aesthetics in mind, EcoSmart’s sleek design is a welcome, unobtrusive addition to any site, as it easily replaces the traditional tall tank water heaters that take up valuable storage space.

Benefits of an EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater for Restaurants

Hot water is just as imperative to a restaurant operation as the food is. You need to be able to rely upon always having hot water at the right temperature, when you need it. EcoSmart’s various tankless water heaters enable you to produce hot water instantly and consistently to help keep your restaurant running smoothly and safely.

  • Kitchen hand-washing
  • Dish washing
  • Food safety and preparation
  • Restroom sinks


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