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Although hidden on your energy bill, heating water represents a significant portion of the total. The EcoDrain™ is a unique patent-pending heat exchanger which transfers heat from hot waste water to cold incoming water. This cuts water heater use for showers by 25% to 70%.


The EcoDrain™ is a small, easy-to-install device with no moving parts. The key to saving you money is the heat-exchange channels. These flattened, sealed channels were developed to maximize the surface area of the heat transfer space and to create optimum flow turbulence in the outgoing waste water and incoming fresh water. The EcoDrain™ is installed directly in the drain line and features a double wall of separation between fresh and waste water to eliminate the possibility of mixing.

Applications for EcoDrain's Heat Exchanger Products:

  • Home shower
  • Multifamily buildings
  • Hotels
  • Gyms, spas, public pools and other heavy use showers
  • Dishwashing
  • Tempering drain water
  • Hair salons
  • Shower at Work
  • Army barracks, police stations, fire stations
  • College campus
  • Corrections facilities

Curious to see how EcoDrain can be installed in your home? Watch as two ecodrains are retrofitted into a home as part of renovation project.

Products and Services

A1000 Food Service | Heat Exchanger for Commercial Dishwashing and Food Preparation

EcoDrain A1000 Food Service is a double wall heat exchanger that safely transfers heat from outgoing drain water to cold incoming water. Learn more »

B1000 | Mixed Water (Grey and Black) Heat Exchanger

Sewer blackwater heat exchanger. Offered as a complete unit or as a clamp-on to existing piping. Learn more »

V1000 | Vertical Drain Water Heat Exchanger

The EcoDrain V1000 series water heat exchanger offers the highest performance and lowest pressure drop of any vertical drain water heat exchanger. Learn more »

M1000 | Modular Heat Exchange Panel System

The EcoDrain M1000 is able to provide clog free high performance heat transfer due to the efficiency gains of its turbulator and its square tube design which results in a flat surface that does not catch debris. Learn more »
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